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View Thread: Inheriting the Designer of ASP.NET Controls
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    So, here I am actually trying to drink the Kool-Aid™ and I can’t find the cup! I am stepping away from writing it all in code and trying to inherit a control from, say an HTML Label control such that I am able to manipulate this control in the Visual Studio designer without building my own designer from the ground up.

    I erroneously thought that I can just drop a Designer Attribute referring to the HTML Control Designer (or even the Intrinsic HTML Control Designer) and somehow Visual Studio would show me the appropriate Label-derived designer.

    Are we forced to build our own designer for all controls we write? Is there any concept of “designer inheritance” addressed in ASP.NET 2.0? Please feel free to tell me that this question has been answered in your favorite Blog-style newsgroup so that I can find my answers there. Or it would be cool to answer a technical question here for a change.