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SQL-SERVER 2005 Cant optimize RAM automaticly ???

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    Hello Guys

    I am using SQL SERVER 2005 for an n-tier application
    When I call stored procedures I watch task manager and SQL SERVER ram usage dont decrease after ı close the applıcatıon . I refresh the sql server services and nothing happened again ...
    Until ı stop the servıce and start again
    I heard sql server 2005 optimizes ram automaticly but how ?

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    I'm no expert on sql2005:

    I doubt you will see sql2005 'give back' the memory until the system runs low on free memory. ie another task or process starts up that consumes all the free mem.

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    My Computer has 1 gb ram and sql server uses 100 mb of it and nearly 600 mb of my ram is free actually .
    I understand  ıf my ram reaches the critical point (less than 50 mb maybe) sql server optimization starts ? Right ?

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    Look at it another way: Unless the memory gets tight on the machine it may as well keep the cache populated, because it's not to the detriment of some other process but may benefit a future query. You can always configure the maximum RAM usage of SQL Server, if you like.

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