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MSN Messenger 8 Add-Ins C#

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       Hi guys,

    any one tried to make an Msn messenger 8 addin? I had some time yesterday and I started playing with it. I made a personalmessage scroller tied to a timer. it works, but only for 1 cycle. then it stops. I dont know why. maybe its server end problem?

    Anyways. There are missing API's that are much needed.

    1) I want to see an api that allow me to enumerate all my list (if i want to make a global message to all my friendns in my list)

    2) I want an api that allows me to know if my Window is opened. So if someone opens my window (dbl click on my name) I want an event that gets trigered so I can say " Hi greetings or something like that"

    3) Important. There is the initilizer code of the addin, but I want an event that allows me to control how the addin is started. So when Messenger's "Turn On 'my addin'"  is checked I get an even in code and I then do what ever. So tie the checked event with an event that gets triggered in the Addin object. Add-in_Activated, Add-in_Deactivated.

    3) Allow messenger , when I remove the add in, to remove the dll from memory (unload it) so when I do a rebuild I dont have to restart messenger again.

    4) Add APi that allows you to edit the font properties of the treeview items so we can change font and things like that. (this should be global in messenger, but that is for later builds I suppose as the Mesenger team sees fit). A display name color would be cool.

    5) API that allow you to detect as an event a change in PersonalMessage and Friendly name changes (Event to signal a change in the display name or display picture or personal message)

    6) A way to block and unblock contacts in code. also remove or add contacts in code.

    7) I cant really really debug my add-in. I get an error message when I attach debugger to messenger. How to debug my add-in in an easy way using VS2005?

    I will add more later, but for the PersonalMessage Scroller add-in , it works for 1 cycle and then stops as if its not listening for the timer elapsed event. Maybe its some bug I overlooked but I will review that later.


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    Omega Point

    I wrote/am writing an add-in and I agree that those features are needed, especially 3(the second 3) as it makes changing your add-in difficult if you are talking to someone.
    Hope you get your addin working.

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