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Pointers to bit fields in C

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    A quick question I can't seem to work out, is there a way to pass a bit field to a function in C, for example I have something like this:

    struct TIME_FLAGS  {
       unsigned cent:1;
       unsigned year:1;
       unsigned month:1;
       unsigned day:1;
       unsigned hour:1;
       unsigned minute:1;
       unsigned second:1;
    } time_flags;

    and want to do this

    INT8 StoreIntElement (int *value, unsigned *flag:1)
       *value = atoi (elementBuffer) ;
       //Set flag
       *flag = 1 ;

    main ()
       INT8 value ;

       //Do stuff
       StoreIntElement (&value, &time_flags.hour) ;


    Anyone got any idea how to make this work?



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    Sven Groot

    I don't think you can do this. A bit field is implemented basically as a series of shift operations used to access the correct bits (which is also why you should use them carefully, yes they use less memory, but they can be a lot slower to access).

    In order to take a parameter like that, the function would have to know not only the size, but also which bit to change. This is something that's simply not supported by the language.

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    Thought that was the case, thanks for taking the time to answer anyway!

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