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Problem with DSLTools in VS 2005 Standard

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    Hi, lately I went to my favourite software shop to buy the visual studio 2005 standard edition. I took an update since I already have a visual c++ .net 2003.

    After installing the standard edition I hunted down to the microsoft web page for the dsltools which come packeged with the visual studio sdk - in the july CTP. The system requirements stated on that page for using the dsltools were: visual studio standard or above.

    Unfortunately I received an error message when I tried to create the first dsltools designer project which said: "Creating and editing domain-specific language solutions is only supported in Visual Studio 2005 Profesional Edition and above". Happily this error doesn't happen with the march version of the SDK and the dsltools included there.

    Is there any workaround (config file editing or something)?



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