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XML - Excel

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    I hope my question make sense.


    We have an application with the following architecture.

    Database – IIS – Web services – internet – Client application.

    Part of the application is to request reports from the database. The reports are designed in Excel which automatically refresh when it is opened via the application. The problem is that excel at this stage talks directly to the data base, which is not the correct architecture ie bypasses the web services and IIS

    Excel will have to go through the same route as the application

    Database – IIS – Web services – internet – Excel (which when it is opened via the application which resides on the client computer) must have the latest data from the data base.

    In other words we want excel to talk to the web service via XML


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    You have clearly stated what you want to do.  What's your question?

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    The questions is, how do you get the data from the webservice to excel. Or is there a better way to display data in excel from a database that is on a webserver over the internet.

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