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    I have a application in windows form. The application generates graphs using crystal reports based on input criterias.

    Most of the time I am encountering execution timeout error. As the data volumne is large.

    I have client side webservice timeout  as,

    svc1.svc mysvc = new svc1.svc();
    mysvc.timeout = 1200000

    IIS server session timeout as 30 min

    and in the web.config I have

    key="DSN" ...Min Pool Size=2;Connection Lifetime=1800;Connection Timeout=900;Incr Pool Size=2; Decr Pool Size=2" />

    I want to know what is max value for the 3 timeouts.


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    so let me see if I get this right:

    you are using a web service to get a large dataset and having a timeout in the client / server request for the data?

    is that right ?

    ok so how big is the data ?

    how long does it take the server to get the data ?

    for example if I had a set of MSSQL tables i might start by using sql profiler to find out how long it takes to run a set of sql commands to fill the dataset.

    w/o more info you might have a database issue ( takes to long / locks database etc...)

    or you might have a server issue, server to busy, not enough ram etc....

    or you might have a monster huge dataset

    if you have a bunch of rows and you are trying to send the whole thing out in one soap reply you might be creating a *HUGE* HTTP chunked responce that takes to darn long to ever use in the real world.

    so first verify what the problem really is.

    then think about what the *Best* way is to move that data.
    can you make it smaller?
    can you save it to a file and then do an http file download?
    (not hard to do even in .net 1.1 -- 3 lines to get a file I think.)

    or get the data in smaller chunks.

    or make it commpressed binary data.

    PS: also use etherial to see the raw http traffic....
    it can realy help you see what the transfer looks like

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    Actually the query is dynamic so I cannot really estimate the volume.

    And the requirement is not only to get the data but also to generate a chart. so there is a lot of processing on the web server also. comparatively this portion takes about 60% of the time and data fetch is 40%.

    Its seems I have to keep the connection open to get the chart.

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