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C# Takes off / Java Declines - According to Oreilly

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    a !

    I wrote yesterday about the rise of Ruby and Javascript, driven by the move towards Web 2.0 applications. Also worthy of note in these graphs is the long, slow decline of Java and C/C++, and the continuing rise in market share of C#. You can see how Ruby's sharp ascent follows the introduction of Rails, and that PHP's fortunes reversed before book sales showed that web developers in search of rapid development languages moved over to RoR (and Microsoft's ASP.Net suite of technologies.)

    Programming Language Trends  has an interesting Graph showing trends of popular languages

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    They are basing that on computer book sales, which is a very poor indication of a language's actual use and usuability and just about everything. Sure if the language was dead, nobody would buy books for it. But similarly, if a language was excessively complicated or obscure then I'd expect to see an increase in the sales of books. And on the other side, if lots of programmers already know a language and use it, then they aren't going to buy a book telling them about a language that they already know.

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