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    Hi. I am doing some stuff in 2.0 and im kinda new at this. I am a hardcore windows dev and now im doing a website. so does anyone know how to change pages from code-behind? if you could email me at

    i would appricate any help!


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    First you need to create the markup (html). Then you can access from codebehind by giving the element an ID and add the runat="server" attribute. You may also use the components in the html.


    <a href="#" id="coolLink" runat="server">This is a cool link</a>

    coolLink.Href = "";

    Using the link:

    <asp:LinkButton id="coolLink" PostBackUrl="" runat="server">LinkButton</asp:LinkButton>

    coolLink.PostBackUrl = "";

    You could also read a book on ASP.NET:

    Btw. Changing the title to something more meaningful wouldn't be that bad!

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    Your question is a bit unclear. When you say "change a page from a code-behind" do you mean you want to dynamically change the content genererated at a specific page or do you want to go to another page.

    If you are looking for help on how to change the content generated by a page, you need to spend some time reading a book on or perhaps reading the background artices on MSDN.

    If you  want to go to another page you have two choices:

    1) Server.Transfer([url of the page you want to go to], true)

    2) Response.Redirect([url of the page you want to go to])

    In most cases you'll want to use option 2, but not in all cases.

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