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C# - Determining client info from Active Directory

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    I'm working on a few projects that involve networking with Active Directory.  One of the issues I'm having is that I'm having to enter the addresses manually for each of the computers I wish to check for certain things.  Basically, I'm having the program scan a given IP range (via FOR loop combined with string concatenation (i.e. "11.11.0."+ThisNode.ToString())) or pre-programmed list of computer hostnames (As read by a \r\n-delimited text file).

    Is there an efficient way to scan Active Directory for all IP addresses within a given subnet, or for all computer hostnames that begin with a given substring?  Ideally, the result would return an array of IP addresses and/or an array of strings containing hostnames.  Thanks.

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    Why not just enumerate the computer accounts in AD and use those.

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    Just for ref, if AD is not available, you could send ARP requests for the IPs you are interested in (added bonus you get the MAC address).  ARP is a lot less likely to be ignored than ICMP PING although you would be limited to the subnet.

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