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Problems with ASPTypeLibrary in .NET 2.0

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    I have a DLL with the following

    Dim MyRequest as ASPTypeLibrary.Request
    Dim MySession as ASPTypeLibrary.Session

    Public Sub onStartPage( byRef ASPsc as ASPTypeLibrary.ScriptingContext)

    MyRequest = ASPsc.Request
    MySession = ASPsc.Session

    End Sub

    Publice Sub DoSomthing()

    MySession("What") = MyRequest.ServerVariables("REMOTE_ADDR").ToString

    End Sub

    When I look at the "What" session variable it contains "System.__ComObject" instead of the REMOTE ADDR it is supposed to.  What's up?



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    I have the same problem and the only way that i found to resolve it, was to create a Property of the type Object on my Class and pass the Response object of the asp page.

    Inside of Class i can access to all methods and properties of the Response object or another that you have passed by the Class Property.

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