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FrontPage Server Extensions

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    I have a new server on which I have verified that FrontPage Server Extensions 2002 is installed and configured.  When I attempt to publish a web site to the server from VS2005 I get the error message "The Web server does not appear to have the Frontpage server extensions installed."

    I've looked everywhere I can't find anything that hasn't already been done.


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    WHY ?

    depending on the use (Production or development) you can use

    publish via FTP

    or via network

    FrontPage is a PIA, in some setups it *NEVER WORKS*
    for example if you have multiple sites homed on a shared IP it can fail to add subwebs corretcly.

    and front page is beeing depricated as MSFT will not be doing any new versions.

    I love the FTP method ... just looking for IIS7 to have SSL / FTP

    recall that FP adds stuff to the site.... like the _* folders that keep copies of files and the dlls it uses.

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    Saleem Javid

    Hi SLTDon,

    I had the same problem and i drove me nuts.

    My environment was W2k3 server with IIS 6 and VS2005. It complained that i did not FPSE installed.

    So i installed FPSE through the Add/remove programs/ windows component update/application server

    After that, did a IISReset

    In the Administrative tools there is a link "Microsoft SharePoint Administrator" click it and it will launch a website which is Microsoft Sharepoint Administration site. In the page you will see the list of all the web sites and opposite to them you have the option <extend> just click it and viola... things will start working. Cool

    Trust me I never even thought that Sharepoint is even remotely connected to FPSE. But this is how it works Perplexed


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