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Right click slowdown

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    This has been bugging me for a while now.

    If I right click a file (local or network) in win explorer the context menu appears but the cursor slows way down and crawls along the menu, it can take around 10-15 seconds for me to do 'Open with'

    I've tried a few things like stopping the pop-up description in explorer and turning off file indexing but it still crawls. Anyone any ideas?

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    Sven Groot

    Could be a context menu shell extension or "send to" entry that is slowing things down. Unfortunately these come in a lot of forms and tracking them down can be very hard.

    Does this happen only on files of a certain type or all of them? Does it happen on folders?

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    lemme guess, Intel CPU?

    This has already happened to me a couple of times, the cpu usage fires up to 100% and only stops if i click on an option or Esc or make the context menu disappear somehow.

    oddly, it has only happened with intel processors, never happened with my AMD, I'm estabilishing this relation betwen the problem and the cpu because that's not the only thing i notice when using intel CPUs, the mouse pointer has a higher tendancy to become unresponsive on Intel CPUs, don't know why, maybe chipset problem, it happens when the HD usage is high.

    I suggest posting cpu and chipset info to everyone that has already had this problem.

    It could also be caused by some shell extension, can't tell as my Acer C300 comes with a "dirty" win xp tablet intall and i never installed win xp only to test if the problem persisted.

    edit: in my case, it happens with folders and files, and i don't think it has anything to do with the send to menu as it is only read when you open it(hover/click/time, doesn't matter).

    humm, just found a way to reproduce it, right click an item and then the folder's background.

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    Yup,  it's an intel, pentium M @ 1.6

    It's odd, cause sometimes it'll run fine even with a lot of programs running ...I couldn't imagine the context menu using up a lot of mem & cycles?

    There are a few extra's added by power archiver to the context menu, but I've this on my intel desktop at home and it runs fine.

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    Try using a utility like ShexView to incrementally disable shell extensions that are NonMicrosoft/OnesYouDontRecognise/OnesYouNeverUse and see if it clears the problem up.

    It may be that its trying to reference something from a network share which is causing the slowdown.

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    humm, i've used that app to disable ALL shell extensions but the problem persisted, tested another machine, AMD cpu, nvidia chipset, with win xp pro, it doesn't happen, tested again on my tablet with the folder tasks disabled and guess what... yeah it doesn't happen anymore, but there's no logic to the thing lol, another friend of mine tested the right click item followed by right clicking the folder background and it didn't happen to him, Intel cpu, so there goes my theory ( lol ).

    yet, it isn't normal for a mouse pointer to slow down on high disk and low cpu activity.

    another thing i remembered, notification area open/close animation also makes the mouse pointer to stop until the animation is finished, it's just for 200ms or something but it's anoying.

    oh and, this doesn't happen with vista, on the same machine lol, but that's irrelevant lol, different OS, clean install.

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    Well, problem sorted Big Smile

    You might want to try this if you are having slow down.

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