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Get current timestamp from WMP control?

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    Anybody know if you can get the current timestamp from a windows media control?


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    hellew? Smiley

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    jsampsonPC wrote:
    ...current timestamp from a windows media control

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    Minh wrote:
    jsampsonPC wrote:...current timestamp from a windows media control

    Current amount of time that has played with the current media.

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    Ion Todirel

    use Ctlcontrols.currentPositionString property.

    If your control is named: player, then player.Ctlcontrols.currentPositionString

    EDIT: And use a timer to update a label text at every 500ms or something.

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    And if you're using the ActiveX control embedded in a web page the property is "p.controls.currentPosition" where p is equal to the object element.  The value returned is the number of seconds.

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