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help: C# app on CE.Net 4.1 -- startup problem

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    Hi, I am working on an app that must run on a CASIO IT-3000 device.

    I can not re-image the CE OS on them.

    the app needs to keep users from messing with settings for security reasons.

    today I nhave the app start via the \Windows\Startup\ folder and then use API calls to hide the start menu.

    but for a few seconds / to a minute / the start menu and desktop are there for the user to grab.

    I am looking at things like the regisitry HKLM\Init\Launch[xx]

    but this seems to ither crash or never run.

    I have seen posts here and there that hint at a way to make this work but no one example that I could use.

    anyone out there have a working example I can use ??

    I have MSDN and EVC++ 4.xx if I need to build a native bit to make it work.

    I just need the right steps and some sample of how to bolt it together.

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    Ping!  -- any takers ??

    Thanks !

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