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get file and directory info from remote machine

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    i need to access to some files and directories over a remote machine to retreive some info but i don't understand the permissions on fileinfo and directoryinfo, i've a user and a password, where do i put them to gain access to the files? Is there any other way to access files?

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    one way is to use the windows networking calls.

    I belive there are .net calls for this.

    I'm refering to maping a share name like this:

    local PC

    map Z:\ to \\computername\foldername

    this requires "foldername" to be shared on the remote pc.

    you will use the username and password to create a credentails object to pass along.

    also you may use:

    WMI -- WIndows Managemnt Interface


    Active Directory

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    i wanted to use wmi or adsi but i don't find any classes to work with files and by the way, the folder i'm trying to access isn't markes as shared.

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    We had to do a similar thing with remote machines over the internet (different domains and stuff, no shared folders, ...) and solved it by writing a "filesystem" webservice.

    It also makes security A LOT easier as you only have to worry about local security. (it can be enough to put impersonation in your web.config)

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