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GetSelectedIndex Datagrid? Dropdownlist

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    Edit mode the index of a dropdownlist does not start at the right value.
    I am having problem when in edit mode the dropdownlist the index does not
    start at the right value. I use Inner Join for my two dropdownlists.


    StoreID      Store
    1               Name1
    2               Name2

    AccessLevelD  AccessLevel
    1                      Administration
    2                      Calling Card Manager
    3                      Cashier

    These StoreID, AccessLevelID are in my

    tbl_Users table.

    Now suppose for UserID =1
    StoredID = 2

    But when I am in editmode the Store is starting
    at Name1 instead of Name2.
    It is saved in the Database as StoredID =2 which corresponds to Name2.
    Please help me.

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