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    Good questions, lemme throw in some more background.

    I'm working on a WinForms user control, and the "server" object is a 3rd party wrapper for a WebService object.  At some point, the server may timeout, and any further calls on the same server object will fail.

    As for race conditions, that is a danger, but I'm combatting that by wrapping calls to the server object in locks on the server object itself.  I'm only ever making one call to the server at a time (typically to get a bit of binary data), and I don't have to send any updates to the server, so I don't have to worry about inconsistent state.

    It's outside the realm of my control to replace the server object.  I *may* be able to repair the object, but if the server requires a new login, I don't have the user's password.  So it would be good if I simply responsibly reported a failure and let the application handle the cleanup.

    Yesterday, I implemented a simple wrapper object for the server object to share it as necessary.  I think this is the solution I'll stick with.