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meta-data and auto refining it

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    Apparently the next big thing is such and such… well a lot of it relies on meta-data. My suggestion is for Windows Media Player and Windows Longhorn:


    1. Media Player: when I copy a CD I can get the song details from the net, so I don’t have to type them in - great! Except sometimes its not as tidy as it could be (i.e. capital letters), this is normally a problem with ‘user feedback’ entries. Currently at this guy has a program to automatically change file names for free! A program that alters files names to ‘ALL CAPS’, ‘Initial Capital Letters’ and ‘small letters’ which is a real time saver. I would like to see this included in media player, but with a twist - so that it can change the meta-data entries as well - something missing from his version release.


    You have a great addition in puls! That allows for WMP to decrease the sound after x minutes which I really like. I do believe that an auto case changing feature would be well received; so that ANY meta data and file names could changed to upper/lower or more popular Initial Upper Case. Rather than a feature exclusive to WMP have it integrated into Longhorn and a pulg-in for WMP with 1-2-3 easy steps for music/video files!


    1. Longhorn & metadata/file names: when I take 200 pictures with my digital cam, one thing is to have an easy 1-2-3 copy to disk but what about sorting through them. Currently I have to add meta-data with info on location and subject (an investment I believe), however a lot of people don’t have the time for this.


    My suggestion is for automatic meta-data entry:


    i)                    To have GPS on the cam entering location data for you (closer than 10m radius otherwise its not accurate to street)


    ii)                   When copied to computer 1-2-3 step guide asks if ‘author’ field be stamped with .net passport id (for me Samuel Lago)


    iii)                 The worst thing is that all file names have a several digit numbers e.g. “Picture 102” - this is fine until you copy the file elsewhere where another file will have the same name (counter resets in separate folder). To get around this all media input devices’ data flow could be logged, so for my Kodak DX6490 the file name starts “Picture 001” but logs each picture transferred so even if you start in another folder the counter would remember and not start from 001 thus no conflicts when transferring pictures.

    What I would prefer is a meaningful filename that coveys the image; this could be taken from the GPS location and face recognition technology e.g. “Samuel on the wings at Camperdown Park”


    That’s how I would like to see future windows manage imported files from digital cameras and media input devices, tools to 1-2-3 change meta-data and make it look tidy - that’s a time saver!



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