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Installing Proof Reading dictionaries from Office 2003

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    I'm using the Office 2007 Beta 2 programs, but I'm missing the Danish Proof Reading dictionaries, so I was thinking, is it possible to install them from my Office 2003 DK cd, or copy them from an installation of Office 2003 thats on another machine?

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    Come on everybody, isn't this possible?

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    You can install Danish if you just own a Danish install disc for office 2003
    all you need to do is to remove everything from the install and then select "Shared Office Functions" -> "Correction Tools" -> "Danish"

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    Sven Groot

    Yep, that works, I use it forthe Dutch proofing tools. I had to repair Office 2007 afterwards though, otherwise it kept doing the "Installing" routine everytime I started any of the Office apps.

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