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conver 340 word .doc to .html, not .mhtml

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    i need to be able to convert a large number of word docs to .html.  i tried openoffice for this.  it didn't get equations and the scalable vector graphics did not convert well to .png files.  it also added compression.  that normally might not be bad, but the docs are about image processing...

    i wanted to avoid MS Word because I don't own it, or windows, at home and the computers i can use at school are fairly slow, having a small or no pagefile (from my understanding).

    if i can get some command line that accepts wildcards, or an easy and free conversion method then all is good.

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    Perhaps rtftohtml - (RTF documents) or word2x are what you are looking for?

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    I can heartily recomment Aspose.Word which is an app I use at my day job for generating Word documents without the need for an installation of MS Word. You can get a working evalutation from Aspose

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