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timeout to NTD winform

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    i write a simple winform app to test the NTD(no-touch deployment) feature of dot net,after deploy it to the iis server,it works well,i can invoke it from either commandline or ie browser. but i found that after it is started up ,i IGNORE it,that means i don't operate it,after a wile,it is automatically closed.why,are there some .net configuration to incharge the timeout?
    how can i make the winform app that start from the GAC keep PERMANENTLY running in the client side,even no body touch it.

    thank you!!

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    i have tried several ways,and found it depand on how i deploy the project:

    1 if i deploy the "debug" directory of the visual studio as "web share"(right click the directory,and select "web share" tab,select appropriate radio button..........),then from client side,i can lauch it,but it will shutdown spontaneously after a while if i don't touch it.then a windows debug windows pop up ,it saild that the "FileNotFound" occur to the "ieexec.exe"and ask me to select a debug tools.
    otherwise,if i close the form MANUALLY , the same debug windows pop up too.

    2 if i copy the "*.exe" file from the debug directory to the subdirectory of wwwroot,it works well,NO spontaneous shutting down and NO pop up debug form.

    according to the two scenario,it seem like that if i deploy it WITHIN the iis box,it woiks well.

    why ?i wonder what is the difference between the iis in-box delpoyment and web share directory deployment?

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