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Java As an OOPL

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    Is Java an OOPL these days or has Winforms buried it?  we're doing Java as an OOPL in CS but i'm wondering if Java should be an OOPL where you have to paint GUI's rather than just stick them onto a form?

    hmm i dunno.

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    Of course it's still an OOPL. VB6 used to let you drag and drop components onto a form, doesn't mean it was OO, WinForms has nothing to do with OO as a concept.  I believe there are a few GUI builder tools for Java available (although it's a while since I did any Java; I did/do have 6 years experience with it and never used a gui tool once Wink ). I wish I had now Smiley

    This might be of interest if you use Eclipse, it's called Jigloo. If you don't use Eclipse, why not? j/k.

    Don't be too down on Java, Java vs .Net discussions/arguments apart it is teaching you what OO is and how it works.  From experience the learning curve going from Java to C# is not as steep as you would expect, and I would argue is smoother than moving from VB6 to VB.Net.

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