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WeakReference and the workstation GC

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    I'm writing an application that stores image (bitmap) data in a SQL Server instance.  No problems there, everything works great.  In order to save on memory and bandwidth, I decided to implement a client-side cache system using WeakReferences.  Essentially, whenever an image is requested I check to see if there's a WeakReference to it in the cache and that the reference is still alive.  If it is, then I just return it.  If not, I hit the database and cache the result.

    The problem lies in the fact that this does me absolutely no good.  On workstations the GC runs concurrently and garbage collects 'all the time'.  I ran my app and watched performance counters and saw it GC immediately after I set the WeakReference.

    So - WeakReferences are mostly useless on Workstation GCs?

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