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C# 2.0 Grammar

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    John Melville-- MD

    Does anyone know where a grammar for C# 2.0 can be found?  The 1.7 specs had a complete grammar for that version.  The 2.0 specs discuss the grammar at length, but don't collect the changes in one place. 

    I would really appriciate any pointers on this one.

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    I am also interested in it.  Additionally, it would be nice to have one for any of the lexer/parsers like ANTLR or GOLD (but anything would be fine.)

    Did you find one?

    I am (or am I not?) surprised if MS (internal) does not have one.

    There is a C# support and grammar in ANTLR 2.7.5/6, but not 2.0.
    Perhaps the same kind gentlemen are working on a 2.0 grammar to be included in ANTLR 3.

    - Rand

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