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Problem using Visual Studio .Net 03 in command-line environment.

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    My Visual Studio.Net 2003 is installed at E:\VS.Net 03

    Now I'm in command-line prompt, using the cl compiler:

    E:\VS .NET 03\Vc7\bin> cl /?

    I got this error message: This application failed to start
    because mspdb71.dll was not found.

    But when I'm in IDE, I can compile and run any source with
    no problem.

    How do I use the VS.Net 03 in command-line environment?


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    It works for me. Did you move Visual Studio after you installed it? Try adding "e:\vs .net 03\common7\ide" to your path environment variable.

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     Do you use the console found in Start/Programs/Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2003/Visual Studio .Net tools ?

    If you drag that console to your desktop (for convenience) and run that you will not have to run cl or csc from the E:\VS .NET 03\Vc7\bin as it will set up the paths required for you to use the tools.

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    Mike Dimmick

    Alternatively run vsvars32.bat from %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\Common7\Tools.

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