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Full System requirements for WPF and how to start using WPF?

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    Hai guys,

    I am in need to create custom grid control using WPF.

    First i need what are actual system requirements for the WPF?

    Is WPF is separately downloadable? Is it of User Interface? Or just a technique?

    How can i create an application using WPF? Using Visual Studio 2005 can i create a WPF? Or it has own User Interface?

    Also How WPF is relate/differ from XAML?

    How to create XAML file, whats actual use? How is used with WPF?

    Please help me these questions... I am in great need also urgent need..

    Anyone pls help me..

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    I like it!

    Here's a first stab on XP with Windows.Forms:

    Bloggers and documentation must update ElementHost's assignment of WPF controls, via property ".Child = " instead of ".Controls.Add()". That had me for a while...

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    Rob Relyea

    System Requirements:
    Don't know exact need Windows XP or later.
    Advanced graphics work better on machines with Dx9 capable video cards, but normal apps are functional under lesser cards.

    Seperately downloadable?
    No, you need to install .Net Framework 3.0.
    The latest build available today is the!167AD7A5AB58D5FE!616.entry"> RC1 build.

    Is it UI or just a technique?
    WPF is a new UI platform for Windows that enables you to build modern Windows and/or Web Applications.

    How can i create an application using WPF?
    I'd recommend VS + VS "Orcas" for .net fx3 - also Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer
    Using Visual Studio 2005 can i create a WPF?
    Yes, but you should install VS "Orcas" on top of it.
    Also How WPF is relate/differ from XAML?
    WPF is a set of .Net assemblies.  This platform can be coded against with .Net languages like VB & C# & C++ & ...
    Most people will choose to use XAML to declaratively define the initial layout of Forms/Pages, but it just a way to create a tree of objects and set properties on those objects.

    How to create XAML file, whats actual use?
    Notepad, VS "Orcas" or Expression.
    I prefer #2 and #3.
    How is used with WPF?
    go read...

    A few helpful links:

    Introducing Windows Presentation Foundation!167AD7A5AB58D5FE!616.entry">Rob Relyea: Release Candidate of .NetFx 3.0 posted online

    WPF Community Site

    WPF Discussion Forum (learn by reading other people's questions and the answers or post your own questions...)!167AD7A5AB58D5FE!113/">WPF Book List

    -Rob Relyea
    Program Manager, WPF Team">

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    Rob Relyea

    Love it John.  Thanks.

    I'll pass on the correction about .Controls.Add -> Child.

    Just to explain why we use Child:
    We use it to fit in with the content model we have exposed for WPF.  There are 4 major content models:
    1 UIElement Child - Decorator.Child
    Multi UIElement Children - Panel.Children
    1 object child - ContentControl.Content
    Multi object children - ItemsControl.Items

    This is different than the HTML dom and Winforms, where every element or control has the same OM.  Like several things in WPF, you may wonder why...until you dig in a bit.

    Learn a bit about what you can put inside a button (which is a content control):

    Simple Text

    Tree of Elements
    Arbitrary tree of UIElements give you the ultimate flexibility
              <Image Source="Foo.jpg" />
              <TextBlock>My Image</TextBlock>

    Data Driven:
    a DataTemplate will be chosen to render the customer- similar to asp:Repeater
         <my:Customer FirstName="Rob" LastName="Relyea"/>

    Thanks, Rob

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    Hai Rob, First i thank u for ur reply to my questions. I installed VS 2005 and Windows sdk, .Net framework 3.0 RC1 and Orcas in my system... but whenever i opened the WPF windows and XAML browser application project.. It displays error in the XAML section...(I copied sample demo code which was available in the Windows sdk documentation.) Before i installed Orcas and .Net Framework 3.0 RC1 those samples was working properly and gave correct output screens. But after 3.0 RC1 and Orcas installation its not working properly. Also how to drag and drop the controls from the tool box in VS 2005 (I didnt install Expression Designer, caz it shows it needs .Net 3.0 Runtime components..actually what it is mean by..? I am confused..) I need Expression Designer to be installed in order to drag and drop controls from toolbox into the WPF Design screen?? Where can i get .Net 3.0 Runtime components?? I need your help...Can u?

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    Rob Relyea


    First a couple of pointers to our community sites where there are many WPF experts:

    WPF: Forum | Community Site

    We should drill into the questions you just raised on that forum.  One issue per post would be best.

    In order to get support for Drag/Drop designing of a WPF form, VS "Orcas" is what you want.

    .Net 3.0 Runtime Components is just referring to the the .Net Framework 3.0.  I think that is a bad error message.

    I think part of the problem you are running into is that everything just released a new version last friday (9/22/2006) except EID.  I'm following up with the EID team...

    Thanks, Rob Relyea
    Program Manager, WPF Team">

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