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Selective Undo idea for Visual Studio

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    Hi All!

    There's a feature I'd absolutely love to see in Visual Studio.  Well, in every text editor, really...

    The ability to selectively undo.
    ie, Highlight a chunk of text, and when you Undo, it undoes only changes made to that section of text.  Even if you have to select
    complete lines for the selective undo feature, that would still be fantastic.

    Is there a better place to post this idea where the Visual Studio guys may see it?


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    I definately agree! That would be a very cool feature. I'm always undoing back through things to fix a problem, and then realizing I have to redo half the changes because they were on different parts of the file and weren't related.

    Not sure how difficult it would be, but if anyone can do it, the VS Team can! (does flattery help? Wink)

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    Neat idea, I'd personally like to see a visual indicator too, maybe selective undo/redo that color-codes recent changes so you can what you are removing or adding. In any case, add this as a suggestion under to make sure the editor team reviews this.


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