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Microsoft Expression Graphic Designer in Vista RC1 build 5600

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    I've been looking at the Microsoft Expression Graphic Designer (wasn't that Creature House something or other) site and I'm confused about the different versions of it and .NET Framework 3.0 etc.

    I want to install it on Vista RC1 Build 5600.
    What do I need to install to use it?
    I  might install Interective Designer too.

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    I'm not sure about that specific build number but if we're talking the main RC1 release of Vista the following blog entry is what I used to work out what needed installing, and in what order: 

    It contains links to the specific downloads for the various bits and pieces.

    Don't forget the uninstall of any previous versions!

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    Well, I just downloaded and installed it and it works with this version of Vista. It exports in XAML so it does what I wanted it to do.Smiley

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