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HOW TO: Activate Vista build 5728 after upgrade from Vista RC1

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    short: Run SLUI.exe from windows\system32

    long: I upgraded to this build but unchecked the automatic activation. Surprise surprise, the activation link and the Device Manager link in Control Panel -> System does not do anything... It's possible the condition was carried over from RC1 to 5728 with the in-place upgrade.

    Also 5728 seemed to have changed my ATI driver to "newer, ATI provided one", which has the bugs of Vista Beta 2 build. It's possible it did this because I had the newer buggy one from Updates installed for one day in RC1.

    PS. Incase you didn't notice 5728 is publicly available download atleast for a while.

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    I've installed, to clean computer, 5744 RC2 and for a day the Device Manager link ACTUALLY WORKED!..

    Then I installed bunch of software of which beta software were latest Office beta TR and C# Express SP1 beta.

    Now the link has stopped working. Duh!

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