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how to issue the certificate to other user?

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    Hi all,
              I wanted to issue a certificate to my other online users. How can i do this???? The thing is i have my company issued certificate and i want the certificate to be published in my website so that other user can access my site. I am building an application in xbap of winfx. Whenever i download the application it gives me an error stating "Trust not granted" Please can anyone help me out, to how do i issue my certificate to other users to run my application.

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    are you talking about a code-signing cert or an SSL cert or an x509 personal cert or ?

    who issued it?  a well known CA like say Godaddy's or Verisign ?
    or was it a CA run by a private company ?

    you may need to read up a bit on how public key private key works.

    for example if you have a web site with an ssl cert signed by / provided by say Verisign then when my browser gets your cert it looks to the issuer/signer to see if it's valid. if I "Know" that CA then all is good and if your cert passes the test I take you as valid.

    if a private CA (like IIS / CertServ on server 2003) issues a cert then for me to trust your cert I first have to trust your CA's self-signed cert.

    that can be done automaticaly in a windows domain via active directory.... but over the internet is rather more work.

    hope that helps / gets to the right questions.

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    Hi figuerres,

    I have the certificate issued from the CA called comodo and i have also generated the pfx from the pvk and spc files which they provided me. But when i am trying to sign the assembly with this pfx, its giving me an message box stating "Object already exists" with the title "Importing key file error" How could i solve this.

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