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How to create custom controls and how to use the existing custom controls in WPF?

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    Hai guys,

    I need to create a custom control grid in WPF. And I want it to be component, so that i can import that custom control in other projects and use it.

    First of all how to create custom controls in WPF? Can we create the custom control only through code?

    Second, I installed VS 2005 and Windows SDK and .Net framework 3.0 also "Orcas". But when i installed the Expression Interactive designer, it shows the error as "Release Candidate 1 of .Net Framework 3.0 runtime components  is not installed in your system. please correct the error and try"
    Where can i get that RC1 of .Net Framework3.0 runtime components. Please provide me any link where can i get the download?

    Please anyone help me out?

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    Rob Relyea

    The 2nd hit on a search for:  "custom control" wpf
    gives you Recommended practices for WPF Custom Control developers.

    In that post, Pavan Podila lists the information and links to articles that he has found useful for custom control development for WPF.

    Hope that helps with your first question.

    Your second issue is likely due to the fact that you install the September CTP (a release that just came out on Friday the 22nd)...while you are using a build a Expression Interactive Designer that targets the 9/1/2006 release of .Net Fx3.

    The EID team can probably address this question best at their forum or via their blog.

    EID: Forum | Blog

    Thanks, Rob Relyea
    Program Manager, WPF Team">

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