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How to Clear Session data in a Custom Data Grid

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    Hi Friends,

       I am created one lookup that is usercontrol to display list of values from

    a data source. My grid, a custom datagrid, has default columns of "VALUE" and

    "NAME". Here NAME is a template column by displaying data in the format of

    Hyperlink. When the user click on template column then the data bind to

    controls where I placed this user control.

    Example of one such lookup is Country. VALUE is set to database, and NAME is

    display field.

    Whenever user clicks this usercontrol, data will displayed in page load event.

    But some situations data will be displayed based on filter text.

    Here I am using a session variable to persist data in the grid. So, the

    operations of Sorting and Indexing, I have to use Session only.

    So, in my system differeny kinds of lookups present. My problem is when I

    moved to another lookup where Data will be displayed only by enter some text

    in filter text, I have a problem of previous lookup data (Session data) is

    appeared here.

    How can I remove session data when I moved to another lookup.

    Note: If you are not understand, in my .aspx page, I put one

    usercontrol(lookup), when the user clicks on that control, a pop-up window

    will diaplyed (another .aspx page) in that page datagrid is present for

    displaying data from a data source.

      Here I am used Custom data grid.

    Thanks in advance.



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