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Very urgent..Can we create Customized controls in WPF?

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    Customized controls with more look-and-feel functionality can only be created with WPF?

    What are advantages of creating the customized controls using WPF over creating then in normal .NET?

    Is there any benefit by creating them in WPF?

    All the built-in controls(which are available in toolbox) have properties, which are shown when the controls are selected. Like that when we create the custom controls in WPF, the corresponding properties of the control are shown in Properties window??


    we have write the code inorder to display the properties of the controls in the properties window?

    Also I want my custom control should be imported as a toolbox component? How can i make my custom control as a item available in the tool box?

    Please anyone help me out... I need these details urgently...?????

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    No it is not sufficient, caz myself only posted that blog.

    I need to create a customized grid control which have high look-and-feel functionality which should meet the client's requirements.

    Thats why i m in urgent need to know this details.

    Can we create a customized control, which is used by other applications as well. Need to be included the Toolbox itself? Or only we include it using code in XAML?

    If you know pls send the details..pls..







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    I don't understand what you really want. You want to create an own control for WPF (using Xaml etc.) - Why should that be a problem? Each WPF control has a class, which sits behind the scenes. You can create your own control, by inheriting from a base control and draw etc.

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    littleguru wrote:
    I don't understand what you really want.

    He wants you to complete some consulting work that he quoted for without any idea how he was going to do it himself.

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