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Bug: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

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    Hi everybody,

    While working on Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, I have found a bug.

    how I got the bug:

       1. I created a stored procedure as follows:

    CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[usp_INS_tblName]

    @pkColumn VARCHAR(10) ,

    @AnotherColumn VARCHAR(500) = @pkColumn



    INSERT INTO tblName(pkColumn, AnotherColumn)

    VALUES(@pkColumn, @AnotherColumn)

    --Return Rows Affected



    in the line " @AnotherColumn VARCHAR(500) = @pkColumn ", I meant that if there is no data for the other column, then the data in the pkColumn is copied into this column.

        2. I right clicked on the stored procedure in Management Studio, then i clicked on Modify, then I got the following message:

          Syntax error in TextHeader of StoredProcedure 'usp_INS_tblName'. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo)

    I can still open this SP in visual studio and I can execute it from Management Studio.

    to get this message disappear, I had to change the line to: "  @AnotherColumn VARCHAR(500) = ''  "

    when I execute this SP, then it works properly and does what i exactly want, which means that there is no syntax error as the error message says.

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