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Windows Form Controls Resize Question

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    I am writing a simple RSS Feed Reader and I am in the initial stages of designing the UI, I have decided on something that will look good, but I want to make sure that the controls. can resize properly when the user resizes the form. I have tried using "Anchor" and this has helped to an extent, but as the pictures below will show, it has not allowed me to make the UI as I want it to be. These pictures should explain:

    Initial UI

    UI after resize, with annotations

    Angus Higgins

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    I usually use panels and place my controls on those. I dunno really, it just seems like you get better control that way.

    I usually will use some splitters and dock the panels as opposed to anchoring them. Then I dock or anchor the control to the individual panels (depending on what I want the control to do)

    but I am not sure, I am pretty terrible at the UI, it just works for me after I struggle with it for an hour, or four.

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    Great suggestion Phreaks, using panels and docking.

    Aspect ratios and resizing have always been a pain.

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    For proportional resizing you should look at the TableLayoutPanel

    If you need user controlable sizing, use a SplitterPanel.


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