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Adobe's pallette's all over the place in Vista

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    After reading something on Michael Swanson's blog I decided to test out Photoshop and Illustrator in Vista. Like Michael mentioned, they work fine but I noticed that some of the windows and pallettes use glass and others just revert back to the standard Vista Basic (or whatever it's called).

    Illustrator is the weirdest because some pallettes are "styled" while others aren't.

    What would make the Layers pallette look different than the Color pallette for example?


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    I haven't used either of these in a long time, so this is just a guess:

    I am running the latest connect build (5728) and all the child windows appear with glass. I think this wasn't the case in RC1 (or atleast the build before that).

    It maybe that most of these pallettes (with no glass) are child windows. One of the pallette had glass...and so it could be a floating form.

    Try it out on the latest vista build if you have access to it.

    I have couple of tool windows and some dialog long as I use standard forms/controls, all is well and I get glass.

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