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Programming .Net to use USB device?

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    Ok, this is a where to start. I'm toying with the idea of creating a little electronics project, with LEDs, that would be controled using the computer and a USB cable. I've seen things like this done with the older serial connection. VS 2005 exposes a serial port control. I haven't dug to deep yet, but was wondering where to start. What would I need and what would I look for.

    I would bread-board the project first of course. I don't think I would have on-board memory, but have the device tethered through USB for functionality.

    BTW, what is the maximum length for USB cables? Where can I find some specs for the USB standard.

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    Detroit Muscle

    Check out the August 2006 issue of Circuit Cellar magazine. Great introduction to building USB devices. In short, your usb device will need two main compenents: a usb interface chip and a microcontroller. In the article the author uses a Maxim usb transceiver with a SPI interace to the microcontroller.

    When in doubt, there's always for complete specs for the usb standard.

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    I haven't really used this, but it might work (for the software part of the project, of course:))-


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    Ive built a simple  USB interface library based on the SharpUSB code.

    add me to MSN if you like and I can send some code over and help you out.

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