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Vista x86 vs. x64

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    Has MS started deploying (dogfooding) Vista internally, and if so, at what milestone did they start?

    What about the x86 vs. x64 policy? Is x64 being deployed where possible, or are they playing it safe with x86?

    Is MS requiring driver developers to write both x86 and x64 drivers in order to be certified?

    I've got a fairly new x64-capable machine used for development (VS2005), and bare-bones RC1 loads fine on a spare drive. However, I wonder if there are still too many device/app gotchas with x64 to make the hassle worthwhile.

    I went through the Win3.1/95-to-WinNT transition, and I stuck with NT 3.51 and up throughout. It was painful at times, scrounging for hardware and drivers, but the reward was a machine that never crashed. It helped knowing that the MS developers were using NT internally and that things would eventually work out. I'm willing to endure some x64 pain if it's worth the trouble, and I don't use any exotic hardware.

    It's the moment of truth.

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    Matthew van Eerde

    I'm dogfooding x64.

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    I am not a "softie" but I am running a dual boot xp x64 / vista RC1 x64

    most stuff works fine.

    I find the audio drivers on my system are now running smooth.
    and media center / vista works now Smiley

    before rc1 my pvr card was not working in vista.

    i'd say give it a go, but be ready for the UAC stuff to irritate you!

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    I'm running Vista x64 and everything installed fine except for my MS fingerprint reader.

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