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Passing property values to controls embedded inside of user controls?

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    I want to use codebehind to pass property values to a control that I've embedded INSIDE of a user control.
    In other words, let's say I have the following:
    ...with the following control placed on it...
    ... and inside of MyUserControl.ascx, is an instance of ....
    I want to be able to write a property to the embedded commerical component:
    I want to be able write this property programmatically from the aspx page that originally called the instance of MyUserControl, as follows:
    [from MyPage.aspx]
            MyUserControl.TargetFolder = @"c:\whatever";
    Failure #1: I attempted to add logic to the codebehind for my .ascx that read the value of a property attached to itself, and then mapped that value to the embedded commercial control, e.g.
    MyCommercialUploadControl1.TargetFolder = this.TargetFolder
    // "this" refers to the ascx instance
    This did not work.
    Failure #2: I experimented with various scenarios involving doing the mappings onPreInit, thinking I might be running into a page lifecycle issue. This did not work either.
    I can successfully write properties to the user control itself, but I haven't figured out how to write properties to controls INSIDE of the control. In all cases the debugger indicates null values where I want my properties to end up. Can anyone help?
    Thank you.

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    Answering my Q (with a little help from MSFT's friends):

    the programmatic assignments on the .aspx page need to be wrapped in the Page_Init() event, like so:

    protected void Page_Init()
    PictureUploaderAndProcessor1.PathVirtual =

    do that, and everything works like a charm.

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