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Can not use Microsoft udate get an error  0x80070015

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    When i try to use MS udate v6 i get an error 0x80070015 i looked this error number up and it has to do with a windows xp and something about windows 2003 server. Which i know is not my prob LOL. when i look in the windowupdat.log I think i see my problem but not sure how to fix it can some one PLEASE help me. This is my prob

    FATAL: Failed to retrieve version for D:\WINDOWS\system32\SoftwareDistribution\Setup\ServiceStartup\wuapi.dll\\wuapi.dll, error: 0x80070015
     FATAL: CSusSetupInfSection::IsUpdateRequired failed with 0x80070015
    2006-10-03 03:36:46 3860 f18 WUWeb FATAL: CheckIfClientUpdateNeeded failed: error 0x80070015

    ok When i 1st installed the OS it was put on C:\\ then my pc got all jacked up so i reformatted it and reinstalled the OS (windows XP pro) and for some reason it changed my C:\\ to D:\\  ok so i did some research and i got to change my D:\\ back to C:\\ (big mistake nothing but probs LOL) ended up reinstalling the OS again right over the old one didnt reformat again i finally got all of my apps to work and everything is fine and dandy until i try to use windows update i get the error (i exported my registry and used this ultra edit program to change all the D:\\ to C:\\ in the registry everything is fine except for this windows update thing) Sorry for such a long post but i didnt want to leave anything out =)   ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    Some keys in the registry can't be changed.  As you can see, it's still looking for d:\. 

    What you should do is determine why exactly it detected your root hard drive as D:\ instead of C:\, and then re-install. 

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