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Hardware: XpertVision NVidia 7900 GS Graphics Card renders computer useless

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    After about a minute to five of operation the new computer freezes and requires a reboot. It has chucked up one BSoD to date (DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL). The machine is running on an Athlon x64 processor, but running an x86 version of Windows XP Home Edition (the Professional x64 edition that came with the computer never actually managed to work with certain features of the graphics card nor the TP-Link Wireless adaptor, but I never had these unexplained freezes with that edition (may be due to lack of use)).

    I've Googled around a bit but not turned up much - it may be a problem specific to my configuration, or the Graphics Card is buggered.

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    It's the nVidia drivers.

    It's hit-and-miss, sometimes you just get one BSOD during or shortly after driver instalation then everything's fine from there, other times it's caused by overheating or other drivers conflicting with nVidia's.

    My suggestion: Safe mode, disable everything else, and try different Detonator/Forware drivers.

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