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Master Pages and Sitemaps?

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    Hey guys,
    Maybe this question is as much about good design as actual syntax.  I'm interested in feedback on both.
    I'm creating an 2.0 website.  I'm interested in using a master page so that i can have one common parent page with multiple possible content pages.  As a result, I will have one page- default.aspx- that can display a variety of information pages based upon what ends up in the content pages.
    I was wanting to use a sitemappath control within the master page, or if necessary within the content frame, that would provide breadcrumbing.  However, the documentation that I'm reading seems to indicate that the web.sitemap file needs separate distinct pages in the url property to work correctly.  But how does this actually work when the main page is always default.aspx?  If I use the names of the content pages it doesn't seem to work correctly within the master page.
    I apologize in advance if I'm missing anything obvious or if this is a bad design approach from the get-go.  I've already done the semi-obligatory msdn search and must have missed any relevant article.  They all seem to deal with sitemappath without the master page implications.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!!


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    Using a master page does not mean you only have 1 page. It means you can design a master page (kind of a template), and then you can have your content pages 'inherit' their design from the master page.

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    Thanks.  I figured out why it wasn't working.  I didn't have the sitemap set up correctly.  I feel like such a noob.

    Thanks Tommy!


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