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How to assign database/source of ListView programmatically in WPF?

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    I tried some sample coding from the net. It uses the XMLDataProvider

        <XmlDataProvider x:Key="MyData" XPath="/Info">


                                <Info xmlns="">

                                         <Song Name="Love at first sight" Time="4:04" Artist="kylie" Level="3" Disk="Disk-1" />

                                         <Song Name="At Night" Time="4:31" Artist="Shake Down" Level="4" Disk="Disk-1" />

                                         <Song Name="Believe" Time="3:54" Artist="Cher" Level="5" Disk="Disk-2" />

                               <Song Name="Don't call me baby" Time="3:25" Artist="Madison Avenue" Level="5" Disk="Disk-2" />

                               <Song Name="It's in your eyes" Time="4:32" Artist="Kylie" Level="5" Disk="Disk-1" />

                               <Song Name="Rise up" Time="4:12" Artist="Sunkids" Level="5" Disk="Disk-1" />




    But instead of the XMLDataProvider can i use different datasource as DataTable or DataSet which is created programmatically? If it is possible how can i do it?

    If it is not possble and it is only we have to XMLDataProvider then can we add the values to the <Song> list(i.e can we add new rows and columns to the existing XMLDataProvider programmatically during runtime?


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        Actually, you can use ObjectDataProvider, it implements the observer for you, and surely it can wrap the ADO.NET data objects aka DataSet, DataTable etc.


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