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Effective repair of Internet Explorer

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    After a likely browser-hijack - a problem which is by now completely solved (the computer is fully clean!) I cannot any longer activate my Windows XP Home, SP2-Internet Explorer browser from the short-cut placed on the Desktop. Neither can the respective "exe-file" in the File Manager open the IE. However, which seems very strange, I can enter the IE when activating f.inst. any link to a webpage, sent to me by say. an e-mail. In all instances the IE browser-interface opens up only in a fraction of a second and the closes down again. I have numerous times been trying to uninstall IE amongst the Win's components, reboot, and reinstall IE at the same place, but the problem persists. Moreover, the problem seems difficult to handle because IE is now part of also the new Win SP2, thus when I am trying to redownload the IE SP1, I am logically given to understand that the program is already on my computer. The same is the result when I try to redownload the Win SP2. Again the initial Windows-scanning says that I already h a v e the SP2 on my computer and I am not given a chance to redownload it. Furthermore I have also tried to run a "sfc /scannow", but with the same negative result! Likewise I have tried the search-function to find the "ie.inf file" in the Windows\inf folder in order to have it reinstalled – the replacement of the file has no effect whatsoever...

     Moreover I have already read the, I dare say, time-consuming "bunch" of advices/articles from the respective MS-page, however, they don't seem to refer to exactely my problem (being the non-functioning IE-Icon on the desktop!) - and, I must admit that I would very much like to avoid a radical reinstallation of my otherwise well functioning Windows XP , because you and I, and most others, know what happens if you do that - you may possibly solve your problem in question but will most likely get quite a few others/new and lose quite some settings etc....

    Indeed I would be most grateful for any advice which could effectively solve the problem of IE. Thanks, Oeksen37+

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    Are you able to revert to a System Restore Point prior to the events? Else you could consider a clean install...

    You can also de-install SP2 to give a SP2 re-install a try?

    But how ironic, some people will go to large efforts to remove IE, while you are in the situation of trying to get it back to work Wink

    I wish you good luck,

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    Sven Groot

    I'd try running sfc /scannow, or otherwise do a repair install.

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    Peter, you are right, it i s ironic and, to confort you, I can tell you that already some days ago I shifted in favor of "Firefox" (excellent!), however, in order to be able to consult my bank accounts etc. I'll have to keep IE., since banks usually er "married" with IE...Thanks for comig back! Oeksen37+

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    Sven, thanks for coming back - I have in fact run sfc /scannow more times, no result...and I am much reluctant as far as a repair install is concerned.  Likely result - you may solve the problem but get "22" others....Oeksen37+

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    1. scan your system with
    a) AdAware


    2. do a repair of ie by right click ie.inf(its located in the windows\inf folder)

    3. restart

    4. if that does not help. try the ie fix tool;

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