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Definitions for % 1 %

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    Would appreciate some input on these items discovered today:

    % 1 % Applications, File Type Extension: .exe

    % 1 % Shortcut to MS-DOS Program, File Type Extension: PIF

    % 1 %* Screen Saver, File Type Extension: SCR

    % 1 % MS-DOS File, File Type Extension: .BAT

    Could you give me some information on these 4 items --to delete, to keep as is; what is their meaning?


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    Mike Dimmick

    %1 has the same meaning as in batch files: use the supplied argument. For HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, it tells Explorer to simply pass the name of the file into CreateProcess, not try to find another binary.

    %* means pass the remainder of the command line as the command line to the executable. This is used when you drop a file onto an executable file or a shortcut to an executable.

    You should keep all of these options, otherwise all attempts to start an EXE from Explorer (either directly, or via a shortcut) will stop working.

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    Good Morning, Mike.  Thanks for your response to my question.  I really appreciate it!


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