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TransactionScrope and MSDTC

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    Hi everyone,

    I have a C# 2.0 /Sql Express 05 winforms application that gets deployed to about 200 businesses across the U.S.

    In the C# applicaiton I have started to use transactionScope like so

    using (TransactionScope ts = new TransactionScope())

    {;  //opens connection to database A;  //also opens connection to database A



    Even though 2 connections with the same connection string are being opened to the same database Microsoft is still promoting this transaction to a distributed transaction and it is being handled by MSDTC. How do I know? I shut the MSDTC service off and this fails with a message that says "MSDTC is not turned on".

    Its a small pain and some overhead but overall I am fine with this promotion and I have one question that I need answered.

    Does MSDTC run automatically on windows 2000, XP home, XP Pro and Vista because these are the platforms I need to support.

    Users download this application via the web and I need to know whether I am going to have to configure MSDTC or not for them.

    thanks for the MSDTC help.

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    From what I have read MSDTC is on all Microsoft platforms.

    So I am anticpating this to be true and I am using a .net service controller to check if MSDTC is running. If it not running I start it myself.

    If anyone knows differently please let me know.

    thanks a lot

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