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Microsoft and SharePoint

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    We are looking for a content management system and let me tell you this: it is damn hard to find the right one. We might end up writing our own, but I really do not want to do that.
    Anyway, my question is very simple....well, it is not a question actually - just a curiosity:

    Why Microsoft is not using SharePoint portal as the content management system for Microsoft web site?

    I can understand why MSDN site is hard to get in CMS, but Microsoft’s “home” site? Why not?

    Also, if there are articles about how MSDN site is managed, I would love to read them all J



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    check the plone CMS. Used by NASA, Google, ...

    And the best: It´s free and you get the code (Open Source) - what more ...

    It´s the best CMS I ever seen.

    That´s the featurelist of the OLD version 1.x:
    2.x is finished already. You can find a list of "What´s new in 2.x" on their page.

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    Because, and this is an observation of what I know of Microsoft NZ, they use Microsoft Content Management Server? (See Microsoft CMS) SharePoint, as far as I know, doesn't have the workflow part of the content management idea. See also for other such info.

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    And even more specifically - points out the use of MCMS.

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    OK, that helps...a bit Smiley

    1. The article "Managing Content on" is good one, but, as you can see they (Microsoft MCMS team) have changed, customized MCMS a lot. I wonder how much of the original MCMS is left Smiley

    2. Very strange thing is that MCMS has not been updated in years! It is a production of 2002 year. How come?

    3. Does the "original" MCMS have the ability to work with Visual Studio 2005? Master pages? (The extensions of the web pages on MS sites are MSPX)

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