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DataTable Find stops working in the middle of my For

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    Ok, here's the scenerio. I load an XML file into a dataset, then take one table, and put it into a dataview, so I can sort it. I walk through that dataview, pulling records and doing what I need. Here's some of the code:

      Dim keys(1) As DataColumn
       If Me.dsDataMatch.Tables("SubjectData").Columns.Contains("RecID") Then
        Me.IDCol = "RecID"
        keys(0) = Me.dsDataMatch.Tables("Orders").Columns("RecID")
        Me.dsDataMatch.Tables("Orders").PrimaryKey = keys
        Me.IDCol = "recNum"
        keys(0) = Me.dsDataMatch.Tables("Orders").Columns("recNum")
        Me.dsDataMatch.Tables("Orders").PrimaryKey = keys
       End If
       If Me.dsDataMatch.Relations.Contains("SubjOrders") Then Me.dsDataMatch.Relations.Remove("SubjOrders")
       Me.dsDataMatch.Relations.Add(New DataRelation("SubjOrders", Me.dsDataMatch.Tables("SubjectData").Columns(Me.IDCol), Me.dsDataMatch.Tables("Orders").Columns(Me.IDCol)))

      Catch Ex As Exception
      End Try


       If isDM Then
        dvOrders = New DataView(Me.dsDataMatch.Tables("Orders"))
        dvOrders = New DataView(Me.dtDataFile)
       End If

       If SortImageName Then
        If isDM Then
         dvOrders.Sort = "ImageName"
         dvOrders.Sort = "Image Name"
        End If
       End If

       For intRow2 = 0 To lastRow ' Each rowThis In Me.dsDataMatch.Tables("Orders").Rows
        Dim tempInt As Integer
        If isDM Then
         tempInt = dvOrders(intRow2)("OrderID")
         rowThis = Me.dsDataMatch.Tables("Orders").Rows.Find(dvOrders(intRow2)("OrderID"))
         tempInt = dvOrders(intRow2)("Record Numbe")
         rowThis = Me.dtDataFile.Rows.Find(dvOrders(intRow2)("Record Number"))
        End If
        If IsNothing(rowThis) Then
         MsgBox("Couldn't find OrderID/Record Number: " & tempInt)
        End If


    Now, this For loop works for let's say, 134 records. At 135 it stops. Here's what I saw in my watch: Generic Forum Image Basically, the dataview that I'm looking at in my for shows OrderID 769. Doing a find for that gives me Nothing. But if I go directly to that row, OrderID is 769.

    Why might this happen? I'm using VB.Net 2.0.

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