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View Thread: .NET in a multi-core processor world?
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    SecretSoftware wrote:
    Sven Groot wrote: 
    Klaus Enevoldsen wrote: As I understand it, a process in Windows runs on one core in the processor, a process can have multiple threads. Each thread is given time to process in the processor core in a round robin or something like that.

    I don't know where you heard that but it's wrong. Multiple threads in a single process can and will take advantage of multiple CPUs/cores.

    Agreed. Each thread will be assigned to the available core. Having multiple cores means that more threads will be processed, and that the processor has more capacity to process more threads, who ever their owner is.  When you write multi-threaded, and Asynchronous applications you automatically take advantage of multi-core processing, because now the threads are not competing for a single core, but for 2 cores, and the more cores the better, it will mean the capacity to process 80+ threads at a time is a plus in terms of performance.

    And if all threads need a common object? I mean it doesn't have a lot benefit then, if one thread is blocking that object for a certain amount of time...

    I'm wondering a lot how this is going to be automated. There is so much logic that can't be automatically applied. *curious about the future*